Transak's 2022 in Review - Best Year Ever!

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Despite the bear market of 2022, we at Transak remained dedicated to creating innovative solutions for onboarding issues within web3. This focus enabled us to maintain our progress, regardless of market conditions. Below is a summary of some of our key achievements during the year 2022.

  • Transaction volumes increased by 50%
  • Userbase more than doubled
  • Added 28+ payment methods, making Transak the on-ramp with the widest coverage
  • 350+ web3 applications now use Transak
  • Expanded to 75+ Blockchains
  • Now enabling fiat to crypto purchases from 150+ Countries
  • 130+ cryptocurrencies now supported for Fiat-to-Crypto transactions
  • 40+ cryptocurrencies made available for Crypto-to-Fiat transactions
  • Team size grew to 80
  • Major licenses acquired in the UK and Europe

GTV Growth

Userbase Growth

Product Updates

In 2022, Transak continued optimizing its On-Ramp product and built solutions to ease onboarding to web3

  • Became the On-Ramp solution to support the most local payment methods
    • Transak now supports over 28 local payments like CashApp, Venmo, UPI, PIX, SEPA, ApplePay, GooglePay, GrabPay, GCash, and others
    • Checkout our full coverage here
  • Launched Off-Ramp services in mid-2022. Users can now sell crypto and deposit fiat directly to their bank accounts
    • The service is active across Europe, including the UK. Off-Ramp available soon in the US
  • Launched in beta, Transak One, is a unique solution that enables Fiat-to-NFT / Smart Contract purchases

Payment Methods


New Products


Transak truly became a global crypto solutions company in 2022 as we:

  • Expanded our services to 150+ countries:
    • Launched with local payment methods in South East Asia namely the Philippines, Thailand and in India, Europe, and LatAm
  • Acquired major crypto licenses in 2022
    • FCA registration in the UK
    • VASP registration in Poland (EU)
  • Extended support for direct onboarding to 75+ blockchains like Algorand, Cosmos, Cronos, Flow, Aptos, and others.




Transak now powers over 350+ web3 applications, including most leading web3 platforms

  • In 2022, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, LBank, Ledger, Decentraland, Keplr, AAVE, Sushi, and many other leading apps integrated Transak to seamlessly onboard their users globally

  • In 2023, Transak will expand its solution with many web2 companies entering web3 and enable them by extending its wide coverage of payment methods and regulatory licenses

Transak also launched unique onboarding solutions in 2022 by doing deeper aggregation with Biconomy and Juno. These relationships will further boost the mainstream adoption of crypto.


Team Updates

To support this growth and continue building newer solutions, Transak sustainably scaled its team:

  • Team size scaled to 80 in 2023 with a technology hub established out of Bangalore, India



Enough 2022! Now onto 2023💪 Let’s onboard the next billion+ users 🚀

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