Onboard 2x More Users to Your Web3 App

Learn about Transak’s multi-level KYC solution, enabling your users to buy or sell crypto with reduced KYC hurdles.

Onboarding Users Safely on 350+ Web3 apps

With Transak's
multi-level KYC solutions
, we enable users who just want to get started to those who want
know no-limits

Buy or Sell crypto and pay with credit / debit cards or bank transfers or 20+ local payment methods from 168+ countries.

Level 1Level 2Now live!Level 3
Light KYC

Great for Web3 gaming users, as they can buy or sell crypto with basic details like their name and billing address

secondsto onboard
  • for smaller transactions
  • great for games, developing markets
Standard KYC

Once the user has gone through our standard KYC checks like liveness, identity and address, they can buy or sell crypto without hurdles

minutesto onboard
  • for transactions up to $20,000
  • fitting for all Web3 use cases
Enhanced KYC

For apps and users looking for limitless access to crypto, our level 3 KYC ensures users face no issues and enjoy competitive rates

dayto onboard
  • for larger valued transactions like $75,000 each
  • perfect for wallets, institutional level dApps

All the checks we makeEnsuring compliance and safeguarding users


Liveness Check


ID Check


PEPs & Sanctions


Wallet Scan


Velocity Checks


IP, Email & Phone No.

Transak runs various checks while onboarding any user and enabling them to buy or sell crypto. This is done to ensure adherence with the regulatory frameworks and compliances of the user's locale. At the same time, we also want to safeguard Transak and users from making any illegitimate transactions.

See How Web3 Apps Using Transak Are Onboarding 2x Users

Web3 Games

Transak's Light KYC level was built with Web3 games in mind and it's exciting to see it helping such apps to onboard more and more users.

2xincrement in user's end-to-end conversions

A combination of Light KYC and Standard KYC level is not just bringing it more users, but those users are also loading more crypto cumulatively into their wallets.

25%more crypto is being loaded to wallets

We're committed to welcoming users of all kinds without bounds through our Enhanced KYC solution. We eagerly anticipate onboarding a diverse range of individuals via Transak.

5Mlargest single transaction processed
How our Light KYC works:Unlocking Possibilities, Minus the Hassle

Sign Up with Email

Verify your email with an email OTP


Enter Your Personal Details

Enter your full name & mobile number


Add Your Current Address

Provide your current address details


Buy in 5 Effortless Steps


Select your fiat currency and enter the amount you'd like to spend.


Choose a payment method and see the equivalent amount of


Input your wallet address, supported by your selected crypto’s network


Login with email and verify your information.


Complete the payment to instantly receive crypto in your wallet.

* Note: Light KYC is available in select regions. If your region isn't covered, you'll be directed to our Standard KYC flow. We aim to expand Light KYC globally by early 2025.

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