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Global Reach and Payment Flexibility

Go live in over 169 countries, accommodating a plethora of local payment methods


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Elevate Your Token's Reach and Accessibility with Our Exclusive Listing Opportunity

Broad Visibility Across Leading dApps

Extended Reach of 350+ Partners

Ensure your token's presence across more than 350 applications, including household names like Metamask and Trustwallet. The inclusion is subject to the discretion of these platforms, offering a significant boost in visibility and user engagement.

Streamlined Onboarding for Retail Customers

Direct Purchase

Simplify the token acquisition process. Customers can buy your token directly on our platform, bypassing the complexities of exchanges and lengthy KYC procedures. Enjoy a swift onboarding experience, getting your token into the hands of users in just 5 minutes.

Exclusive Access to the Transak Ecosystem

Vast User Base of 4.5M Users

Tap into our ecosystem boasting 4.5 million registered users. Those already KYC-verified with us bypass the need for repetitive processes, ensuring a frictionless entry.

Pioneer Advantage

As the first onramp partner for Metamask, we offer unparalleled access to a vast majority of crypto-native users, setting your token apart.

Global Reach and Payment Flexibility

Worldwide Listing in 169+ Countries

Go live in 169 countries, accommodating a plethora of local payment methods. The inclusion in specific regions like the US and UK is subject to regulatory compliance and partnerships with third-party providers.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay the token listing fee with your token or through monthly commitments. Achieve set thresholds, and we'll refund the listing fee, emphasizing our commitment to your token's success.

Enhanced Utility and Support

Off-Ramp Support

Benefit from off-ramp services for your token, provided it is integrated with Fireblocks.

NFT Checkout Integration

Utilize your token in NFT transactions seamlessly, provided the underlying blockchain is EVM-compatible, broadening its use cases.

Compliance and Listing Criteria

To ensure a smooth listing process and maintain our platform's integrity, we adhere to strict guidelines



Your token must not be classified as a security under US law. A Legal Opinion is required for US listings.



Avoid association with pump and dump schemes or restricted business lines. Your token should demonstrate stability and reliability.

Integration and Support

Integration and Support

It's crucial for tokens to be supported by recognized analytics services like Elliptic or Chainalysis, ensuring transparency and security.

Liquidity Requirements

Liquidity Requirements

Tokens must show minimal spread across exchanges, limited slippage in sourcing, and meet our transaction volume criteria for both EVM and non-EVM chains.

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