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Fiat Decentraland In-game token

Enable users to purchase or sell your in-game tokens directly through debit/credit cards or 20+ payment methods

DecentralandBuy or sell in-game tokens through fiat
DecentralandCoverage over 168+ countries
DecentralandComplete a transaction in 30s with Multi-level KYC

Fiat Decentraland NFTs

Enable your global user-base to buy NFTs with credit/debit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

DecentralandBuild or scale on any chain
DecentralandSell multiple NFTs in a single transaction
DecentralandSell NFTs as low as US $0.01 to $ 75K

Fiat Decentraland Smart contract

No hopping, swapping or multiple allowance transactions. With Transak One, you can enable direct Fiat to Smart Contract transactions

DecentralandAll user end transactions, wrapped under a single purchase
DecentralandNo learning curve for users required
DecentralandSupported for Polygon & Ethereum

We've got you covered on everything

Experience pure growth with 95% approval rate, 170+ crypto-currencies support & more

20+ local payment methods

We understand what users want from Americas to Asia to Brazil.

Sell NFTs with the best conversion rate

With 5815 MCC Code, your NFT transactions are better served.

Customisable limits

Sell NFTs ranging from as low as US$0.01 to as high as US$75K.

Build & scale on any chain

We support all major chains and you can add your chain too very easily

Multi-level KYC

Skip lengthy KYC to enable 2x more users to onboard onto your app

Compatible to work with Web3auth, Biconomy & more

We've built the most capable and compatible solutions to enable web2 like on-boarding in the web3 world.

Unlock global markets. Grow in developed markets. Penetrate emerging markets. All with a single integration.

Transak is trusted by 350+ web3 brands

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