LUKSO's Universal Profiles Integrates Transak For Mass Adoption In The Web3 Creator Economy

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In a significant move for the Web3 creator economy, Transak has now been integrated into LUKSO's Universal Profiles, making Transak the first on-ramp provider that has been natively integrated within LUKSO’s blockchain ecosystem.

This announcement is the next step in the Transak-LUKSO partnership that was initially announced in November 2023, and focuses on simplifying the process of entering the blockchain space, particularly for new users in creative fields like social media and gaming.

According to a report by Goldman Sachs, the creator economy would hover around the $500 billion mark by as early as 2027. With blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies becoming increasingly integral in an ownership-driven web, LUKSO, a Layer-1 EVM blockchain, is at the forefront of this evolution. By incorporating Transak’s On-Ramp solution, LUKSO is addressing a critical need in the creator economy - simplifying the entry into blockchain and crypto spaces.

This integration enables users to seamlessly acquire $LYX, LUKSO's native blockchain token, using familiar payment methods such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or supported payment apps. This is particularly significant considering the global ambition of LUKSO and Transak operating in over 160 countries, including major markets like the U.K., Europe, Australia, India, and the Philippines.

"At Transak, we have immense faith in an internet that is based on ownership and digital assets. The driving force being such a web would be digital creators. This partnership with LUKSO, brings us a step closer to that reality by empowering millions of creators worldwide to access web3 with minimal hurdles." said Yeshu Agarwal, CTO of Transak.

While LUKSO’s innovative features like Universal Profiles (UPs) and its gasless transactions have already simplified user interaction within its ecosystem, the addition of Transak’s solution addresses the last major hurdle - the ease of acquiring native tokens. This integration is pivotal in ensuring that the complexities of blockchain technology don't deter creative individuals and developers from exploring this space.

Users can easily create a Universal Profile on LUKSO and immediately begin interacting on-chain, with gasless transactions.

"LUKSO's goal is to onboard the 99% of people who still haven't used blockchain. Those who are using blockchain now are the ones who have learned how to jump through multiple hoops of complexity, but that is not going to work for everyone. With Universal Profiles, LUKSO adds the key ingredients blockchain needs to grow, namely accessibility and usability" said LUKSO Co-Founder Fabian Volgesteller.

How to Get LYX on Universal Profiles via Transak

Step 1: Visit

The first step is to visit


Step 2: Create a Universal Profile

Next, click on “Create a Profile” to install the Universal Profile Browser Extension on your device and follow the steps to create your profile. 


Step 3: Buy LYX via Transak

Next, go to the Universal Profile Wallet and click the “Buy” button under LYX to complete your transaction via Transak.

LYX will be deposited in your Universal Profile soon after payment confirmation.


About Transak

Transak is a global web3 payment and onboarding infrastructure provider, facilitating seamless transitions between traditional finance and crypto assets. Web3 platforms using Transak can embed the best way to onboard users by enabling them to buy or sell crypto assets from 150+ countries, as Transak abstracts away the complexity of user KYC, risk monitoring, compliance, payment methods and customer support.

Transak’s product suite includes robust fiat-to-crypto services (On/Off-Ramps), a fiat-to-smart-contract solution (Transak One), and a fiat-to-NFT checkout solution. As a regulated, non-custodial payments layer, Transak supports onboarding to 160+ crypto assets across 75+ blockchains. Trusted by over 350+ applications, including MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet, Transak is making web3 applications more accessible.

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LUKSO is a next generation EVM blockchain based on Casper PoS that is revolutionizing the way creators and users interact with blockchain technology in the New Creative Economies. LUKSO was founded by Fabian Vogelsteller and Marjorie Hernandez. Fabian is a former Lead DApp Developer at Ethereum and author of ERC20 and web3.js – both of which are the foundation for today’s DeFi and NFT protocols. Marjorie Hernandez is an innovation and product expert who previously created and managed EY’s Digital Innovation Lab in Berlin.

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