What is Tap-to-Earn and How to Get Started? Top T2E Games Listed

26 Jun 2024

What is Tap-to-Earn and How to Get Started_ Top T2E Games Listed

Web3 gaming is a paradigm shift that adds value to the joyful act of gaming through clever open in-game economics.

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These games empower players to earn digital assets, often in the form of cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), by participating in virtual economies and completing in-game tasks.

Over the years, web3 games have come a long way with players like Immutable, Cometh, VeChain, and others leading the change. Today, many of them are much more intuitive with the lines between complex blockchain technology and simple point-based gaming starting to blur.

Now, there’s a new class of web3 games that’s snatching headlines — Tap-to-Earn — where simplicity and accessibility take center stage.

What is Tap-to-Earn?

Tap-to-earn games are a particularly accessible subgenre within the P2E space. These simple mobile games, where players earn rewards for repetitive tapping or clicking, have captured attention due to their low barrier to entry, easy-to-understand mechanics, and the potential for generating passive income.

While P2E gaming as a whole is revolutionizing how we interact with and earn from digital assets, tap-to-earn games are specifically addressing some key challenges within the crypto space:

  • Accessibility: Tap-to-earn games provide an entry point for those who may be intimidated by more complex crypto concepts or blockchain technology. Their casual nature and minimal learning curve attract a broader audience, including those who may not have previous experience with cryptocurrency.
  • Financial Inclusion: In regions with limited access to traditional financial systems, tap-to-earn games offer a way for individuals to participate in a digital economy and potentially earn income.
  • Mainstream Adoption: By integrating gaming – a popular pastime for millions worldwide – with cryptocurrency rewards, tap-to-earn games are subtly introducing blockchain technology and digital assets to the mainstream consciousness.

Tap-to-Earn Origin Story

The success of The Open Network (TON) blockchain and the viral popularity of the Notcoin game has significantly influenced the proliferation of tap-to-earn projects.

Telegram’s involvement with blockchain began with the development of TON, which aimed to integrate blockchain features directly into its messaging platform. With over 900 million monthly users, Telegram provides an immense platform for blockchain adoption.

Notcoin’s success demonstrated the potential of simple, engaging tap-to-earn games in driving user engagement and crypto adoption. The game’s straightforward mechanics, combined with the ability to earn and convert Notcoins into NOT tokens, attracted millions of users, showing that gamification can be a powerful tool in the blockchain ecosystem.

Together, the success of the TON blockchain and Notcoin set the stage for more tap-to-earn projects, showcasing the viability of combining simple gaming mechanics with blockchain to engage users.

How Tap-to-Earn Crypto Games Work

Tap-to-earn crypto games, such as Notcoin and TapSwap, have become popular by combining simple, engaging gameplay with cryptocurrency rewards.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how these games work.

Gameplay Mechanics

Tapping to Earn

Players tap the screen to earn in-game currency. For instance, in Notcoin, each tap earns a Notcoin, and in TapSwap, each tap earns TAPS coins.

There is usually a limit to how many coins can be earned in a single session before a cooldown period is required.

For example, in TapSwap, players can earn up to 500 coins per session before a break.

Boosts and Upgrades

Players can use their earned coins to buy boosts that increase their earning potential. These boosts can enhance the number of coins earned per tap, reduce cooldown times, or automate tapping.

Players can also spend coins on cosmetic upgrades to personalize their gaming experience, such as changing backgrounds or coin designs in Notcoin.

Daily Tasks and Bonuses

Games offer daily bonuses and tasks to keep players engaged. Completing these tasks can earn additional coins and rewards.

Players can earn extra rewards by inviting friends to join the game. This not only boosts their coin balance but also adds a competitive element to the game.

Earning and Using Crypto

Earning In-Game Currency

Players earn in-game currency through tapping and completing tasks. For instance, Notcoin rewards players for reaching certain milestones and participating in community activities.

Some games offer special rewards for significant achievements or interactions with affiliated projects.

Converting to Real Cryptocurrency

Once players accumulate enough in-game currency, they can convert it into real cryptocurrency tokens. For example, TAPS coins in TapSwap can be converted into TAPS tokens on the blockchain.

Players need to link their cryptocurrency wallets to their game accounts to withdraw their earnings. This allows them to trade or hold the tokens on supported exchanges.

Trading and Selling

Some games integrate NFTs, allowing players to trade unique digital assets within the game’s marketplace or on other platforms.

These assets can hold real value and be traded for other cryptocurrencies.

Top Tap-to-Earn Games

  1. Notcoin: A Telegram-based game where players earn NOT tokens by tapping and participating in community activities. It gained rapid popularity due to its straightforward mechanics and community engagement.
  2. Hamster Kombat: Players manage a virtual crypto exchange, earning HMSTR coins by completing tasks and inviting friends. The game emphasizes community involvement and competition.
  3. Blum Clicker: Designed to promote the Blum decentralized exchange, players earn Blum Points (BP) by tapping and completing daily tasks. These points can be traded for in-game rewards.
  4. YesCoin: A pixel-style clicker game where players earn YES tokens through tapping and referrals. Automation options like bots can enhance earnings.
  5. TapSwap: Similar to Notcoin, TapSwap allows players to earn coins through tapping and completing tasks. The game also offers boosts and an in-game bot to maximize earnings.
  6. CEX.IO Power Tap: Powered by the CEX.IO exchange, this game allows users to farm CEXP tokens through a tap-to-earn mechanism. It integrates seamlessly with the exchange, adding credibility.
  7. W-Coin: A decentralized game where the community decides which blockchain the token will be listed on. This democratic approach engages users in the decision-making process.
  8. MemeFi Coin: Players earn coins by defeating meme bosses in a game that combines humor and crypto rewards. The project has a large user base and is continually adding new features.
  9. Dotcoin: Features rounds where players must stay in the x4 zone to maximize earnings. Random rewards are given out daily, adding an element of surprise and competition.
  10. BBQ Coin: A flip-flop game with a design similar to Notcoin, BBQ Coin offers a straightforward tapping mechanism to earn coins. Despite its simplicity, it has attracted a significant number of users.

Get Started with Tap-to-Earn

Getting started with Tap-to-Earn is as easy as it gets.

Visit the official Telegram bots of any of the abovementioned Tap-to-Earn games and proceed with the on-screen instructions.

Then, follow the official channels of the projects (X, Discord, etc.) to stay up-to-date with any changes, updates, and airdrop claim dates.

Happy tapping!

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