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22 Nov 2023


Transak now supports VEXT, as the native governance and utility token within Veloce's gaming and racing ecosystem. The listing of VEXT on Transak enables them to offer fiat on-ramp and off-ramp solutions. This facilitates a smoother onboarding process for their existing Web 2 audience of 37+ million subscribers. This aligns with Veloce's ultimate ambition of becoming the first decentralized global sporting and entertainment media group.

Please note the following:

  • Purchases are available with immediate effect
  • Asset Name: Veloce
  • Ticker: $VEXT
  • Network: Polygon Network
  • Link to buy:

What is VEXT?

Veloce, one of the leading digital racing media network, has entered the Web3 space with the launch of its DApp (VEXTVERSE) alongside its governance & utility token (VEXT). The DApp utilises the token which empowers the Veloce community to influence and govern key decentralised assets within the Veloce brand, which includes Veloce Esports (gaming and racing platform) and Veloce Racing (the Extreme E team). As claimed by Veloce, with the largest digital racing audience globally (37+ million subscribers and 650M+ monthly views), Veloce is leveraging its extensive reach and credibility to promote mass adoption within Web3.

VEXT holders can interact within the VEXTVERSE, influencing the direction of their assets, including teams, talent, games, and more. Holders can also transact across games and live sports features, receiving rewards like tokens, merchandise, tickets to real-world events and more. The DApp, powered by VEXT, completes the brand transformation into a decentralised community, offers additional utility, and rewards early adopters.

What is Transak?

Transak is a global Web3 payment and onboarding infrastructure provider, facilitating seamless transitions between traditional finance and digital assets. Web3 platforms using Transak can enable users to buy, sell or mint digital assets across 75+ blockchains from 160+ countries, while Transak reduces the complexities of user KYC, risk monitoring, compliance, payment methods and customer support. Trusted by over 350 leading apps, including MetaMask, Coinbase, and backed by industry leaders like Animoca Brands, Consensys, UOB, KX and more, Transak is making Web3 applications more accessible.

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How to buy VEXT with fiat?

Step 1: Go to

This will direct you to Transak's On-Ramp widget

Step 2: Select your fiat currency and payment methods

Choose between Transak’s available payment methods and currencies. Enter the total amount of fiat currency you want to spend on your crypto onramp.

Step 3: Select the cryptocurrency and the network - Veloce (VEXT) on Polygon

From the list, select Veloce (VEXT). This will automatically select the polygon network for you.

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to purchase

The minimum and maximum amounts of VEXT you can purchase may vary from country to country. It also depends on what fiat currency you are using to buy the crypto. Minimums and maximums will be noted at the time of your purchase.

Step 5: Notice the exchange rate and fees

Click “See calculation” and review all fees before moving ahead with your transaction.

Read more about Transak’s fees.

Step 6: Click “Buy Now”

Note the processing time to get an expectation as to when you can receive your $VEXT.

Step 7: Enter your supported network address

Here, you need to safely enter your correct supported network address

Step 8: Do KYC with Transak, if KYC is already done, proceed to Pay

Now we need to verify you with a simple KYC process. Please follow the step-by-step guide on the screen. Post approval, you can proceed to Pay. If your KYC is already approved, then you will be directed to pay

Step 9: Receive Crypto

Post payment, you will receive the crypto in your addressed wallet directly.


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