Beginners Guide to ZED RUN and ZED Token

20 Jan 2024

Beginners Guide to Zed Run and the ZED Token - cover-2

ZED RUN, a blockchain-based game, has made a significant impact in the NFT gaming sphere.

ZED RUN's growth trajectory is noteworthy.

Since its inception, the game has garnered over 70,000 unique “stable” owners, illustrating its wide-reaching appeal. Additionally, the platform has hosted over 1.1 million racing events, distributed over $75 million in prize money, and achieved significant sales figures, such as $19.4 million worth of racehorses sold in a single day.

These impressive statistics highlight the game's success and the community's engagement with it​​.

The rise of ZED RUN is parallel to the overall growth in the NFT gaming market, which is projected to expand from USD 410.92 billion in 2023 to USD 820.78 billion by 2028, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.84%.

Unlike traditional gaming, where benefits are confined within the game's ecosystem, NFT-based gaming allows for the tokenization of in-game assets.

This article provides a comprehensive understanding of ZED RUN, its mechanics, and the intricacies of ZED token.

What is ZED RUN?


At its core,  it’s more than just a digital horse racing platform. Taking inspiration from the real world of horse racing and fusing it with Web3 technologies, ZED RUN is a game where owners of digital racehorse NFTs participate in skill-based gameplay.

It's an entire ecosystem where players can own, breed, and race digital horses  24/7.

Each digital horse is a ’breathing’ NFT with its own  unique set of characteristics and lineage - no two horses are the same

Blockchain is the backbone of ZED RUN. This integration ensures transparency and security in all transactions within the game.

Each horse's ownership, breeding history, and race results are immutably recorded on the blockchain, providing undeniable proof of their legacy and achievements.

Players can trade horses, buying and selling them with their peers or in a marketplace, introducing an economic angle in the game, where players can potentially earn through strategic transactions.. Players can also breed their horses to create offspring with unique profile values. Participating involves understanding genetics and making informed breeding decisions.

Being an online platform, ZED RUN is accessible to users worldwide, creating a diverse and growing community of players.

How To Play ZED RUN: Getting Started

Upon entering ZED RUN, you are greeted with a vibrant digital environment. Here, you are the manager of your stable, and to ensure you get racing quickly, the game offers you a selection of racehorses to borrow.

Choosing Your First Racehorse

The next step involves choosing a racehorse. 

Each horse has a unique digital DNA comprising its Genesis Type, Breed Type, and Bloodline. 

For instance, we encountered a horse named "Bang Zoom to the Moon," a bright cerulean colt from the Finney bloodline, showcasing the diversity and depth of options available.

Understanding Racehorse Traits

If you’re keen on detail, race, you might want to  understand your horse's traits before you race, otherwise enter a race and learn along the way.

Each ZED RUN racehorse has attributes like Genesis Type, which denotes the generation of the horse,  Breed Type and Bloodline, which can contribute to its performance.

The coat color also varies, adding an aesthetic appeal to your horse.

Racehorse Progression

Each race contributes to your horse's development through Experience Points (XP). These XPs help your horse level up and increase its class over time. This progress is crucial as it determines your horse’s potential and competitiveness in races.

Finding the Right Distance

Every horse has a preferred distance, classified into Sprinter, Midrunner, and Marathoner categories.

You are encouraged to find the right distance that suits your horse’s abilities, which is key to performing well in races.

Entering Your First Race

Once you’ve  chosen a horse, you're guided to enter your first race. 

ZED RUN offers free races to help you get accustomed to the game. You can choose from various distances, and there is no entry fee, allowing you to experiment and learn without any initial investment.

The game explains that by racing, you will start to uncover your racehorse's strengths. 

The platform allows you to borrow a racehorse from another stable, ensuring you can start competing even without owning a horse initially.

How To Play ZED RUN: Racing

The core of ZED RUN is racing.

Players can enter their virtual horses into a variety of races, tournaments and events to compete and test  the performance of their horses against others.

Organizing Races

Races in ZED RUN are organized by the class of the horse, its racing history, and its bloodline.

There are different classes of races to ensure fair competition. New horses typically start in lower classes and can move up by winning races.

Entering a Race

To enter a race, players must select a horse from their stable that matches the criteria of the race they're interested in.

Each race has specific requirements, such as the class level, distance, and sometimes the entry fee.

Race Types

There are several race types within ZED RUN, including free and paid races.

Paid races can offer larger prize pools, while free races are a good way to gain experience without risking your in-game currency.

Paid races require users to pay with $ZED.

Strategies for Racing

Success in ZED RUN requires more than just entering races.

Players must develop strategies based on their horse's strengths, such as its preferred distance (Sprinter, Midrunner, or Marathoner) and the track conditions. It’s a game of skill after all!

Betting and Spectating

Players can place bets on the outcomes of races via adding another layer of engagement.

Even when not racing, players can watch live races, study the field, and learn from the performance of other horses.

Winning Races

Winning a race depends on several factors, including the horse's attributes, the skill of the player in choosing the right races, and a bit of luck.

Victories yield rewards in ZED tokens and XP, which can be reinvested into the stable or used to enter more prestigious races.

After the Race

Post-race analysis is crucial. Players should review their horse’s performance, such as its speed at different segments of the race and its finishing time.

This data helps in making adjustments and improvements for future races. If you have any questions, there’s a starter chat in ZED RUN Discord where moderators and players are available to help.

ZED Token: An Overview

The ZED token, $ZED, is a utility token and the native digital currency of the ZED RUN ecosystem. It serves as the backbone of the game's economy, facilitating transactions and interactions within the platform.

$ZED is essential for:

  • Entry Fees: Players use ZED tokens to pay for entry into various races.
  • Breeding Fees: Breeding new horses requires payment with ZED tokens.
  • Marketplace: Buying, selling, and trading horses on the marketplace involve ZED tokens.
  • Stable Management: Enhancements to player stables and upkeep for horses may cost ZED tokens.

ZED Token Use Cases

Entry Fees and Prize Pools

Many races require an entry fee that can be paid with ZED tokens.

Winning these races may award ZED tokens as part of the prize pool, which can then be used for further racing, breeding, or trading within the platform.


ZED tokens are used to pay for breeding fees.

When you want to breed your horses to create offspring with potentially better racing attributes, you'll need to spend ZED tokens to do so.

Marketplace Transactions

Buying and selling horses on the ZED RUN marketplace typically involves transactions made with ZED tokens.

This marketplace is a fundamental aspect of the game where the economic utility of the ZED token is most apparent.

Stable Management

Managing your stable, such as purchasing cosmetic  accessories for your horses requires ZED token.

Horse Upkeep

Just like in real life, virtual horses in ZED RUN may need upkeep. This can include rest periods, training sessions, and other maintenance activities that require ZED tokens.

Incentives and Rewards

Players earn ZED tokens as rewards for participating in races, winning competitions, or through various promotional events hosted on theplatform.

Acquisition of ZED Tokens

Players can obtain ZED tokens through:

  • Purchasing: Buying ZED tokens from Transak
  • Racing: Winning races with prize pools denominated in ZED tokens
  • Breeding and Selling Horses: Profitable breeding and sales can earn players ZED tokens
  • Rewards and Incentives: The game may offer ZED tokens as part of promotions or rewards for game achievements

ZED Tokenomics

Stringe tokenomics is crucial for a sustainable game.

For non-games, tokenomics provides a good idea of how market news and project developments can influence the ZED token price from an investment perspective.

So, here’s a quick breakdown of important aspects of ZED tokenomics.

  • Total Supply: There are one billion ZED Tokens created in total.
  • Distribution: Tokens are allocated to different groups such as the team, backers, existing users, and ecosystem incentives.
  • Release Schedule: Tokens are released over 48 months, with some having lock-up periods where they cannot be traded immediately.
  • Airdrop: 7% of the tokens are distributed to existing users as an airdrop to reward early support.
  • Usage: The tokens are used for in-game transactions like racing, breeding, and marketplace activities.
  • Ecosystem Fund: This fund supports community growth and rewards those who contribute to the ZED RUN ecosystem​​.

How to Buy $ZED on Transak

With Transak, users can quickly convert their local currency into ZED tokens in over 155 countries.

Below is a step-by-step process on how to buy ZED with fiat on Transak.

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Choose the currency you want to pay with (USD, EUR, etc.)
  • Step 3: Enter the amount of fiat currency you want to exchange for $ZED
  • Step 4: Choose $ZED as the cryptocurrency
  • Step 5: Select your preferred payment method
  • Step 6: Review total fees, rate and the auto-calculated amount of $ZED
  • Step 7: Click “Buy now”
  • Step 8: Enter your wallet address (this is where you will receive $ZED)
  • Step 9: Complete KYC (if not already done). Lite KYC takes 30 seconds
  • Step 10: Complete payment and receive $ZED soon after confirmation



ZED RUN is more than a game — it's a vibrant, evolving ecosystem. 

With ZED RUN, players step into a realm where the thrill of horse racing converges with the technological marvel of blockchain, opening doors to participate in a new digital economy.

Horse racing and betting — a sport once only for and by the elite and upper class — is now accessible by the average Joe with a few keyboard clicks.

The use of NFTs and blockchain to represent crypto horses is truly innovative and utilitarian as it guarantees provenance, immutability, and fair play.

The tokenomics of $ZED reflect a thoughtfully designed economy, fostering a space where entertainment meets investment, and community engagement turns into tangible rewards.


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