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19 Mar 2024

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Fasten your seat belts and hop on the world of MotoGP Ignition, where ‘your cards’ are your steering wheel.

MotoGP Ignition is a play-to-earn-game that levels up your gaming by integrating collectibles in the form of 66 packs and over 2100 cards. This game is the second REVV project, and hence, MotoGP™ Ignition players can challenge for REVV and SHRD tokens as prizes across tournaments and events of the Motorsport ecosystem.

Developed by Animoca brands on Flow blockchain, MotoGP Ignition is among the top 20 Flow games. This blockchain-based game allows gamers to truly own digital collectibles, all the while offering a darting web3 gaming experience.

MotoGP Ignition takes active participation a step further and enables gamers to be a part of consensus as it supports REVV tokens.

This article takes a deep dive into various aspects of MotoGP Ignition and the REVV token for a better understanding of the game.

MotoGP Ignition - the Play-to-Earn Game

MotoGP Ignition is REVV Motorsport Ecosystem's new addition and is a blend of collectibles and racing management. Thus, the game offers these two aspects of blockchain-gaming experience in two-fold sections including “Ignition:Complete” and “Ignition:Legends” respectively.


Ignition:Complete is the NFT collectibles platform within the MotoGP Ignition where players can buy cards as tokens.

Players can buy the collectible card NFTs from Card Packs. As soon as a player opens a pack, they receive 3 random cards . Some random players can also receive more than 3 cards. Notably, each card pack is themed that captures the type of NFTs that will be retrieved once the pack opens. As seen in the sale on 26 March 2021, card packs were themed as “2020 Season” and so were the NFTs.

The upcoming card packs are expected to feature the latest championships, archives and legends of MotoGP™.

Further details on cards, packs, and the scarcity model will be released in a later article ahead of the sale, together with the anatomy of the sale.


The feature of racing management falls under the ‘Ignition Legends’ section.of the game The MotoGP™ Ignition players compete in the Ignition Legends using their MotoGP™ NFTs for competitive, multiplayer management gaming experience.

Players can compete in racing and decide the functioning of their rider on a lap-by-lap basis. As the manager, you need to juggle factors like aggressive lap to gain places but losing some stamina, more confidence but drop in concentration. Players can also give instructions to their rider: cool down, hold position, or to go for the podium!

Additionally, the game takes the sport of racing quite seriously and thus, players are also responsible for their bikes, including maintenance, and the riders’ condition. While playing MotoGP™ Ignition, players will have to create an entire team which comprises tradeable NFTs in the form of bikes, drivers, mechanics, and coaches,brakes, etc. and also source the best gear for the drivers as well as the best parts for the bike.

What Do Stats Reflect?

MotoGP’s popularity can be attested to its impressive statistics. MotoGP Ignition has witnessed a volume trade of whooping 1.9M REVV and has around 6,110 owners.


Cards are available in 4 kinds of rarities : 754 common cards, 741 Rare cards, 480 Epic cards and 143 Legendary cards.

Types of rider and the number of cards included:

  • Aleix Espargaró (87)
  • Álex Márquez (69)
  • Álex Rins (86)
  • Andrea Dovizioso (53)
  • Brad Binder (71)
  • Bradley Smith (41)
  • Cal Crutchlow (57)
  • Danilo Petrucci (73)
  • Enea Bastianini (24)
  • Fabio Quartararo (74)
  • Francesco Bagnaia (123)
  • Franco Morbidelli (97)
  • Iker Lecuona (72)
  • Jack Miller (131)
  • Joan Mir (184)
  • Johann Zarco (120)
  • Jorge Martin (33)
  • Lorenzo Savadori (24)
  • Luca Marini (24)
  • Marc Márquez (41)
  • Maverick Viñales (224)
  • Miguel Oliveira (81)
  • Pol Espargaró (112)
  • Stefan Bradl (24)
  • Takaaki Nakagami (86)
  • Tito Rabat (72)
  • Valentino Rossi (167)

Types of Bikes and the number of cards included in the market:

  • Aprilia RS-GP (75)
  • Ducati Desmosedici GP19 (65)
  • Ducati Desmosedici GP20 (95)
  • Ducati Desmosedici GP21 (189)
  • Honda RC213V (137)
  • KTM RC16 (131)
  • Suzuki GSX-RR (187)
  • Yamaha YZR-M1 (373)

Types of team and the number of cards included:

  • Aprilia Racing Team Gresini (177)
  • Avintia Esponsorama (0)
  • Ducati Lenovo Team (142)
  • Ducati Team (141)
    Esponsorama Racing (191)
    LCR Honda CASTROL (122)
  • LCR Honda IDEMITSU (100)
  • Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP (381)
  • Petronas Yamaha SRT (261)
  • Pramac Racing (215)
  • Red Bull KTM Factory Racing (189)
  • Red Bull KTM Tech 3 (153)
  • Repsol Honda Team (158)
  • Sky VR46 Avintia (0)
  • SKY VR46 Esponsorama (24)
  • Team SUZUKI ECSTAR (293)
  • Tech 3 KTM Factory Racing (24)


2020 has 1702 cards with the themes of 2020.

2021 has 416 cards with the themes of 2021.

REVV Token in the MotorGP Ecosystem

REVV Token is a significant component of the MotoGP ecosystem. It serves as a utility token and the in-game currency across several motorsport games, including MotoGP Ignition and others like F1 Delta Time and REVV Racing.

The REVV token supports a number of blockchain motorsport titles as the primary currency of purchase and reward and is one of the most popular gaming tokens amongst gamers.

The key feature of REVV is that it operates under a play-to-earn model. This means that players can earn financial rewards in the form of cryptocurrency for their participation and achievements within the game world. Specifically in MotoGP Ignition, players can earn REVV through activities like participating in time-trial races, grand-prix tournaments, and through the staking of race cars. Additionally, the token can be used for purchasing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and paying entry fees in the game.

REVV allows players to have true ownership of their in-game resources. This includes the ability to buy, sell, and transfer NFTs and tokens in digital marketplaces, and use them across different supported games.

The total supply of REVV tokens is capped at 3,000,000,000, with specific allocations for different games and purposes within the ecosystem. For instance, a portion is allocated to MotoGP, another to F1 Delta Time, with reserves, team and advisors allocations, and portions for player reward reserves.

As for its security, REVV is an ERC-20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain, which means its creation and transactions are governed by smart contracts.

How to Play MotoGP Ignition

Every weekend, a 3 races-packed event is held. Players must select a team of 4 riders and 1 manufacturer, based on the NFTs they own to prepare for the event. In each simulated race, the team will score points based on their performance.

At the end of the Event, the best-performing teams are rewarded with a share of the REVV and SHRD prize pool.

Here are few quick steps, to help players get started with the game.

Step 1

Create a Blocto wallet or connect the existing Blocto wallet.

Step 2

Players must own at least 5 MotoGP™ NFTs to play the MotoGP Ignition.

Step 3

Create your team by choosing 4 riders and 1 manufacturer - these must match with your NFTs. Note that your team selection has a budget: the cost of your team of four Riders and one Manufacturer must fit within it. Riders and Manufacturers don’t change in value throughout the season.

Step 4

To make sure you score good, players must boost their players by allocating a x2 and a x3 multiplier to the riders you expect to perform the best. The higher the rarity of the NFT used to Boost, the more "Boost Value" it will provide:

  • Common: 2
  • Rare: 3
  • Epic: 7
  • Legendary: 15

Boosting value signifies a player’s progress towards reaching a maximum Reward Tier, with the progress being split into 6 Reward Tiers. The higher the tier reached, the higher would be the potential rewards. Player’s in Boost Tiers 6 to 4 will win only SHRD from races, while player’s in Tiers 1-3 will win both SHRD and REVV.

  • Tier 6: 0 Total Boost Value Required
  • Tier 5: 10 Total Boost Value Required
  • Tier 4: 25 Total Boost Value Required
  • Tier 3: 45 Total Boost Value Required
  • Tier 2: 75 Total Boost Value Required
  • Tier 1: 120 Total Boost Value Required

After selecting an NFT Rider to use on your team, click on a Boost button for that Rider. Then, select any owned unused NFTs that are associated with the Rider or Manufacturer equipped in that slot to Boost your team. NFTs are not used up when used for boosting, but each NFT can either be equipped in a team slot, or Boost one Rider or Manufacturer at a time. The NFTs selected for Boosting only increase a player’s Boost Tier.

Step 5

Check results every weekend to know if you have been the best-performing teams across all 3 races and have won REVV and SHRD.


MotoGP Ignition has set a new standard for interactive entertainment, with the disruptive blend of collectibles and racing management. The game offers players an immersive blockchain gaming experience.

MotoGP Ignition allows players to race up their gaming quotient without being bothered by the change in value throughout the season, unlike traditional Fantasy MotoGP™. It is a treat for gaming enthusiasts and crypto enthusiasts alike, providing opportunities to earn REVV and SHRD tokens through tournaments and events within the REVV Motorsport Ecosystem.

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