Beginner’s Guide to Formula E: High Voltage

26 Mar 2024

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Formula E: High Voltage merges the thrilling world of Formula E racing with these advanced technologies, presenting a unique but potentially complex experience.

The game offers a rich blend of strategy, racing, and digital asset management, but without a clear understanding, many might feel overwhelmed or hesitant to dive in.

This beginner's guide is your gateway to mastering Formula E: High Voltage. We'll demystify the world of blockchain gaming and guide you through the fundamentals of playing, managing assets, and succeeding in this innovative game.

What is Formula E: High Voltage?

Formula E: High Voltage is a racing management game based on the real-world Formula E Championship, but with a twist: it's a blockchain game on the Flow blockchain. It is the official video game of the Formula E racing championship.

The game features all 11 official Formula E teams, as well as a variety of real-world drivers and cars. Players can collect and upgrade their drivers and cars, and compete in races against other players or AI opponents. The game also features a number of different game modes, including a story mode, a career mode, and a multiplayer mode.

Formula E: High Voltage was developed and launched by Animoca Brands in October 2023. It is available on PC and mobile devices.

Getting Started with Formula E: High Voltage

Formula E: High Voltage is a high performance game but is accessible to most PC and smartphone users.

System Requirements

Formula E: High Voltage is currently only available for PC browsers and doesn't require any downloads. This means you can play it directly through your web browser, eliminating the need for additional software installations.

The system requirements are minimal as the game runs on your web browser. However, having a stable internet connection is crucial for smooth gameplay. Additionally, the developers recommend disabling incognito/private browsing mode for optimal functionality.

Signing Up on Formula E: High Voltage

First, visit and click on the “Play” button.

Next, you have the option to create an account by manually entering an email or connecting your email via Google or Apple.

Once registered, you will be assigned a Flow blockchain address that will be tied/linked to your email address. Hence, there is no hassle of private keys or seed phrases. Next, you have to approve the transaction as shown below to move forward.

To begin playing, you need a team. The game will provide you with three team options - Gust, Hera, and Mistral - each containing 2 cars and 2 drivers. Choose any one from the provided options.

Formula E: High Voltage Game Mechanics Explained

Formula E: High Voltage offers a blend of racing strategy, resource management, and team building. Here's a detailed breakdown of its core mechanics.

Team Management

  • Team Principal Role: You take on the role of a Formula E team principal, responsible for leading your team to victory.
  • Driver and Car Selection: Collect and manage a roster of drivers and cars with unique stats and abilities.
    • Stats: These include cornering, energy management, and top speed, all contributing to your team's overall performance.
    • Abilities: Each driver and car possesses a unique ability triggered by specific race conditions (weather) or strategic actions (overtaking). Choose the right combination based on the upcoming race.
  • Upgrades and Training: Invest in upgrades to enhance your drivers' and cars' performance, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Pit Crew Management: Optimize your pit stop strategy to minimize lost time and maintain an edge over your opponents.

Racing Mechanics

  • Energy Management: Unlike traditional racing games, Formula E cars have limited battery power. Managing your energy reserves strategically is crucial throughout the race.
    • Energy Depletion: Depleted batteries lead to significant performance drops, potentially ruining your race.
    • Energy Regeneration: Utilize designated regeneration zones on the track to replenish your battery and maintain optimal speed.
  • Attack Mode: Activate a temporary power boost to gain a significant speed advantage on the track.
    • Strategic Activation: Plan your Attack Mode activations wisely, as exceeding the required number of activations incurs penalties.
  • Weather Conditions: Races take place under varying weather conditions, which can affect your car's performance and activate certain driver abilities. Adapt your strategy accordingly.

Playable Modes

  • PvP Battles: Compete directly against other players in real-time races, testing your strategic skills and team composition.
  • PvE Challenges: Participate in single-player challenges against AI opponents, allowing you to hone your skills and earn rewards.
  • Seasons and Leagues: Participate in various seasons and leagues, progressing through the ranks and competing for higher rewards and exclusive NFTs.


  • NFT Ownership: Owning drivers and cars as NFTs grants you access to exclusive features and the potential to earn rewards through gameplay.
  • Earning REVV Tokens: Compete in races, complete challenges, and participate in the in-game economy to earn REVV tokens, the game's cryptocurrency. These tokens can be used for various purposes within the game, such as purchasing NFT packs or upgrading your team.

Formula E: High Voltage Gameplay Explained

How to Race

The game features an automated driving system where two pilots drive automatically through the circuit.

The player can influence the race by adjusting the speed levels of the cars at any time and by toggling the Regen Mode, which reduces speed to regenerate the battery.

It is important to keep an eye on the battery life to prevent going slow for the rest of the race due to battery depletion.


Each pilot and car has specific skills that can affect race performance. Skills are categorized as:

  • Active Skills: These require player input to be activated.
  • Passive Skills: These are automatically triggered without direct player action.
  • Better Skills: Drivers and cars possess better skills based on their rarity, influencing their performance during the races.

Winning and Points

The objective in the races is to accumulate points. Points are gained by finishing in top positions with your two pilots.

The game also includes an Attack Mode, which can be activated to drive over designated attack zones to avoid points penalties.

There are also opportunities to gain extra points, like being the fastest pilot during a single lap.

Team Management

Players can view their team score and manage different aspects of their team from the main screen. This includes selecting and preparing cars and pilots for the races and navigating to different sections such as home, team management, facilities, collections, and guilds.


Race Modes

The game offers different racing modes, including Battles, Tournament, Grand E-Prix, and Training. Each mode likely offers different challenges and rewards.

Training and Track Selection

Players can train on different tracks, such as Seoul, London, or New York, each with its unique layout and distance. This is an opportunity to understand the tracks and optimize race strategies.

Customizing and Racing

Before a race, players can customize various factors such as weather conditions, time of day, and the direction of the race. This customization could affect the performance of cars and the strategy needed to win the race.

In-Race Strategy and Controls

During the race, players monitor and adjust their car's speed, use skills, and manage the battery's energy levels strategically to maintain optimal performance throughout the race. The success of these strategies directly influences the race outcome.

$REVV: The Lifeblood of Formula E: High Voltage

REVV tokens act as the fuel that drives the Formula E: High Voltage ecosystem. They are essential for acquiring valuable in-game assets, enhancing your team's performance, and participating in the play-to-earn aspects of the game.

They facilitate various functionalities:

  • Purchasing NFT Packs: The primary way to acquire new drivers, cars, and other in-game items is through purchasing NFT packs with REVV tokens. These packs come in various rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Apex), offering different probabilities of obtaining valuable NFTs.
  • Driver and Car Upgrades: Players can use REVV tokens to upgrade the stats and abilities of their existing drivers and cars, improving their performance on the track. This allows for greater customization and strategic optimization of your racing team.
  • Exclusive Tournaments and Challenges: Some high-tier events and challenges might require an entry fee paid in REVV tokens. Participating in these events can offer higher rewards, including rare NFTs and substantial amounts of REVV tokens, making them attractive to competitive players.
  • Facilitating Transactions: While some NFTs in Formula E: High Voltage are acquired through REVV token purchases, the core marketplace operates on a peer-to-peer basis. Players can list their own NFTs for sale, setting their desired price in REVV tokens. This allows for a thriving in-game economy where players can trade and potentially profit from their NFT collections.
  • Rewards for Active Play: While REVV tokens are primarily acquired through spending (purchasing packs, upgrades, etc.), players can also earn them through active gameplay. This includes:
    • Participating in races and challenges (especially higher-tier ones with entry fees)
    • Completing specific in-game objectives and tasks
    • Owning and utilizing certain NFT assets (some drivers and cars generate REVV through gameplay)

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Formula E taps into the growing popularity of electric vehicle racing, offering a virtual experience that mirrors the real-world sport.

While the blockchain aspect might seem complex, the game offers beginner-friendly features like pre-built teams and readily available resources. This can attract casual gamers curious about the potential of blockchain technology within the gaming landscape.

Formula E: High Voltage serves as a microcosm for the evolving gaming landscape. It presents exciting possibilities for the future of esports, but navigating the challenges posed by integrating blockchain technology will be essential for its long-term success.

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