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Join us as we unveil the next big step into simplifying Web3 for mainstream users

Join us as we unveil the next big step into simplifying Web3 for mainstream users

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Web3 Onboarding
Has Never Been Faster!

Transak now offers the ability for dApps to let their users directly on-ramp from fiat into an on-chain protocol in just one step. This makes it even easier for DeFi, crypto games or any dApp using on-chain protocols to be more accessible to mainstream users.

Normal On-Ramp Flow

Transak One On Ramp Flow


Transak One

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Quick Demo

Transak One demo of integration with Cask protocol

Transak One is a direct to protocol fiat on-ramp solution that hides the blockchain complexity from the user and combines all five transactions into just one step for the user.

  • The user just needs to go through our quick and simple KYC once, then each time they want to on-ramp to a supported dApp they only need to enter their wallet address and pay by credit/debit card, Apple Pay, bank transfer or local payment method. That’s it.

  • Behind the scenes we combine and perform all of the required transactions, transferring the crypto as well as initiating and interacting with the dApp protocol smart contracts on behalf of the user.

  • The user can then interact with the dApp via their wallet as normal, as if they had interacted with the smart contracts themselves.

  • Transak can be integrated into any website or app for users to on-ramp directly to supported dApps. Adding support for a new dApp is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few days

Use Cases

You can use Transak One for almost anything you can think of

DeFi apps

Where the user gets a return for providing liquidity or staking.


Where the user needs to send the in-game currency to a smart contract.

NFT dApps

A protocol that mints an NFT when you send it sufficient funds


where the user can buy an NFT by paying the current price to the DEX

Protocol dApp

Protocols that convert or modify tokens

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Supported Chains

Using Transak, users can buy onto 75+ Blockchains and aims to extend Transak One to all its supporting chains. Want to Integrate Transak One on other chains? Join the Waitlist and We Will Reach Out To You

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