Transak Joins Forces with Blockchain Game Alliance to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming Onboarding

28 Nov 2023


Miami, USA, November 27, 2023 - Transak, a Web3 onboarding solutions company backed by Animoca Brands, is excited to announce its new membership with the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA). BGA is an organization focused on promoting the adoption of blockchain within the gaming industry. An integral piece of this puzzle is effortless entry into the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Web3 games today have higher entry barriers compared to regular games. Most games require users to familiarize with technicalities like smart contracts, and public key cryptography. This is deterring if someone just wants to experience games as a leisure activity.

Transak is at the forefront of addressing this challenge, simplifying the onboarding process for gamers with its user-friendly platform. This initiative is critical in ensuring that the integration of blockchain technology into gaming is seamless and accessible.

Sami Start, CEO of Transak, commented on the new direction, “Combining Transak's comprehensive international crypto licenses and our straightforward, intuitive approach to Web3 onboarding with the Blockchain Game Alliance's dedicated work in pushing blockchain gaming into the mainstream, we're poised to make a significant impact in the gaming sector.”

Adding to its credentials, Transak extends its services for crypto purchases in over 190 countries. It operates in compliance with regulatory bodies such as the UK's FCA and the US's FinCEN.

The company is also vigorously pursuing licenses in major global markets to cater to as wide an audience as possible. With solid partnerships with banking entities and payment processors, including Visa Direct, Transak is committed to creating a regulated environment for blockchain-based digital assets.

This strategic partnership with BGA marks a step closer to BGA's mission of promoting awareness and accelerating the adoption of blockchain games, and for Transak, it aligns perfectly with its vision of onboarding billions to Web3.

The BGA, with members including Animoca Brands, Ubisoft, and The Sandbox, is a key player in advocating for blockchain technology in gaming.

One of the primary objectives of the BGA is to promote common standards. Standardization was a key driver for adoption in the initial days of the internet — think HTTPS, SSL and TSL.

Transak’s involvement with the BGA will enable the company to align its product development with these emerging industry standards. By adhering to these common standards, Transak can ensure that its products and solutions not only comply with the best practices set forth by the BGA but also resonate with the needs and expectations of the gaming community in the web3 space.

This collaboration is expected to yield enhanced gaming experiences, smoother onboarding processes, and a more secure and user-friendly environment for all.

“We warmly welcome Transak to the BGA family,” said Flavien Defraire, Director of Global Development for the BGA. “Their expertise in simplifying web3 onboarding is a tremendous asset to our mission in transforming the gaming industry.” 

While most users play online or digital games as a recreational activity, it is also growing rapidly as a viable career option for many adolescents and young adults.

Most conventional games aren’t built around providing monetary value to users. The career options are limited around tournaments and personal branding.

Web3 games are designed with integrated economic models. This approach opens up several career opportunities within gaming, not just limited to high-level competition or influencer status.

In line with its commitment to gaming, Transak recently introduced its NFT Checkout, a self-serve fiat-to-NFT product.

With Transak and BGA coming together to abstract away the complexities that typically entail Web3 game onboarding, users who may have been daunted by the technical aspects of Web3 gaming can now engage more easily, fostering a wider adoption and growth of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.


About Blockchain Game Alliance

The Blockchain Game Alliance is a coalition dedicated to promoting blockchain technologies in the gaming industry. They aim to support members to collaborate and drive awareness and adoption of blockchain, showcasing its potential in revolutionizing how games are created, published, played, and how communities are built around them.

About Transak

Transak is a global Web3 payment and onboarding infrastructure provider, offering a bridge between traditional finance and digital assets. Serving over 350 leading applications, including MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. Transak simplifies the process of buying, selling, or minting digital assets across numerous blockchains and countries. Transak is committed to making Web3 applications more accessible and user-friendly.

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