Transak is pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership with Avarta

25 Feb 2022

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Transak is pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership with Avarta. Together with Avatar’s biometric authentication, Trust Score system and high-security multi-chain wallet, the partnership brings real-world functionality to the DeFi ecosystem.

CTO and Co-Founder of Transak, Yeshu Agarwal said: "Our goal is to make it easier for businesses to onboard customers and facilitate digital payments using either established fiat currency or cryptocurrency. That!s the easy part. We also want to create a decentralised environment that eliminates the risk of fraudulent and criminal transactions. Our risk engine can evaluate credit card use and identify potential payment fraud and money laundering. Together with Avarta!s biometric authentication technology and Trust Score we believe we have an airtight system which will facilitate transactions in a DeFi environment with absolute minimal risk to either party.” 

Matthew Ainscow, Chief Executive Officer of Avarta commented: "The crypto space is highly technical and can be terribly confusing for the vast majority of users. Transak helps to make DeFi environments more accessible by providing a simple user experience. Most importantly, they are transparent about their fees so that users know exactly how much they're paying and what theyre paying for. This is important. The fees are also far lower than the existing charges for online transactions and transfers.” 

About Avarta

Avarta has developed a crypto wallet that adopts advanced authentication technology and a Trust Score system to provide blockchain users with an unparalleled layer of identity recognition for DeFi and Web3.0 applications.

The permissionless technology meets compliance and provides users with military-grade security that allows you to make digital transactions from your mobile device with confidence. Avarta!s technology promotes a DeFi environment in which users can seamlessly purchase goods and transfer crypto-assets across multiple blockchain platforms.

Get involved with the Avarta

community: Website | Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn 

About Transak

Transak is a single integration for applications to enable fiat-to-crypto on-ramp from a global user base. It does this by providing API-driven fiat payment methods to on-ramp to 100+ crypto assets and abstracting away the complexity of user KYC, risk monitoring & compliance, payment methods and customer support. Transak’s widget can be integrated into an app in just a few lines of code. Transak is backed by top VCs, including Consensys and graduated from the Tachyon accelerator program.

Connect with Transak on Twitter or LinkedIn, or visit for more information.

About the Author:

Jose Roqueni