SubWallet integrates Transak to onboard users to Polkadot and Kusama

Harshit Gangwar


21 Sep 2022

Blog Announcement (20)

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Transak’s fiat on-ramp solution with SubWallet, to enable buy/sell of Polkadot and Kusama assets from 125+ countries.

SubWallet is a pioneering user-friendly Web3 Multiverse Gateway for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. With the mission of bringing crypto users closer to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem and opening the Web3 universe, it focuses on building a product that provides the simplest and most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications like Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem DeFi and GameFi.

Mr. Hieu Dao, Co Founder & Head of Product at SubWallet said : “Transak is the very first on-ramp solution SubWallet chose to integrate with our extension. We greatly appreciate their user-centric approach and the team's responsive support during the integration process. There is no doubt that Transak is one of the crucial factors that help bring a smooth and convenient experience to our end-users.”

“Onboarding users topromising eco-systems like Polkadot and Kusama is one of the key aims at Transak. We want developers to have the freedom to support multiple chains and onboard directly with fiat.”, said Sami Start, Co-founder & CEO, Transak. He adds “With SubWallet’s seamless interface and Transak’s integration, we are confident users will have a great and a secure experience”

Using Transak, you can buy crypto to any of your wallets directly, just start here.
Building in Web3 and looking to onboard users? Integrate Transak


How to buy crypto on SubWallet using Transak?


Prerequisite: Download SubWallet

Step 1: Access your SubWallet account
Sign in to your wallet Setup account or setup, if not already

Step 2: Click on the icon with a downward arrow, labelled "Receive"
Here, you will see the option to "Buy Crypto with Fiat"

Step 3: Click on Transak
Here, it will direct you to our On-Ramp widget

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to purchase
The minimum and maximum amounts of crypto you can purchase may vary from country to country. It also depends on what fiat currency you are using to buy the crypto. Minimums and maximums will be noted at the time of your purchase.

Step 5: Choose the payment method you want to pay with
Choose between Transak’s available payment methods and currencies. Enter the total amount of fiat currency you want to spend on your crypto onramp.

Step 6: Notice the exchange rate and fees
Click “See calculation” and review all fees before moving ahead with your transaction.

Step 7: Click “Buy Now”
Note the processing time to get an expectation as to when you can receive your crypto.

Step 8: Do KYC with Transak, if KYC is already done, proceed to Pay
Now we need to verify you with a simple KYC process. Please follow the step-by-step guide on the screen. Post approval, you can proceed to Pay. If your KYC is already approved, then you will be directed to pay

Step 9: Receive Crypto
Post payment, you will receive the crypto in your addressed wallet directly. In case of any unexpected delays or issues, please feel free to reach out to us at

For any doubts with regards to your Transak experience, please raise a query at

Using Transak, you can buy crypto to any of your wallets directly, just start here.
Building in Web3 and looking to onboard users? Integrate Transak

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