Transak Integrates with KyberSwap to ease DeFi Onboarding

28 Jul 2022

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Transak, a single integration for applications to accept fiat-to-crypto deposits from a global user base, today announces its integration with KyberSwap. Integrating Transak enables KyberSwap’s users from 125+ countries to easily buy 100+ crypto assets and pay with localized payment methods like debit/credit cards, Apple Pay or even with a simple SEPA/Bank transfer. This goes in line with their goal of saving user’s time, effort and risks to participate in DeFi.

Kyber Network is building a world to make DeFi accessible, easy, cheap, fast and secure for users. Their flagship product, KyberSwap, is a next-gen DEX aggregator providing the best rates for traders and maximizes returns for liquidity providers in DeFi. Currently deployed on 12 chains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism and many more, KyberSwap aggregates liquidity from over 80 DEXs to give users the best rates possible for their swaps.

“Transak is reliable, highly secure and shares the same vision as KyberSwap. To meet a growing need in the DeFi world to bring simplicity, ease of use and convenience to users,” said Victor Tran, CEO, Kyber Network. “We are proud to partner with the Transak team to integrate Transak as the primary fiat on-ramp to KyberSwap.”

“We’re so glad to have the opportunity to partner with a multi-chain crypto trading and liquidity hub like KyberSwap,” said Sami Start, CEO, Transak. “ DeFi has finally reached a point where intuitive onboarding is a necessity to see success and combining Transaks integration with KyberSwap does just that.”


How to Buy Crypto on KyberSwap using Transak (5)

Step 1:
Visit and Connect with your wallet

Step 2: On the menu, hover to Swap and select Buy Crypto

Step 3: Read the instructions and scroll down to click on Buy Crypto

Step 4: Once on Transak's secure widget, select your fiat currency and the amount you want to pay

Step 5: Select the payment methods via which you want to pay

Step 6: Your KyberSwap connected wallet address will auto-populate, if not, please paste here

Step 7: Notice the slippage, exchange rate and the fees

Step 8: Login to your existing Transak account and Pay; If new to Transak, then Sign-up and submit a KYC and Pay

Crypto will be directly transferred to your address

In case of any concerns, please reach out to us at


For any doubts with regards to your Transak experience, please raise a query at

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